Sunday, June 20, 2010

Down with Dior

Flicking through Harpers Bazaar UK recently, I came across an ad that gave me a bit of a giggle. Does the marketing team at Dior seriously think that anybody believes their product is responsible for this 'version' of Sharon Stone? And when I say version, its one of THE most photoshopped images Ive ever come across! Look at Sharon's left eye - she no longer has an eyelid!

'More beautiful today than at 20' they say. So at 20, was Sharon without eyelids?

This kind of advertising makes me annoyed. I like to consider myself an intelligent person, but this image is telling me I should believe that a 52 year old actress looks this way because of a 'Super Serum'.

Give me a break.

photo courtesy of Harpers Bazaar UK

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poo poo Miss K-Stew

I'm sorry but I cant remain silent a moment longer.

I have a deep rooted intense dislike for a certain sulky little ingrate of a movie star by the name of Kristen Stewart. I dont care how many media types want to tell me about her 'ethereal beauty' and her porcelain skin. Whatevs. She's only half way decent because she's young, all that scowling will one day create some nasty-ass angry wrinkles on her already sour face. Crack a smile girl, you're only worth millions of dollars and have fans all over the world!

So she hates the press. Boohoo, cry me a river rat face - they're the only ones keeping you relevant. No wonder her chosen career was acting, because whenever she chooses to open her mouth and give her OWN opinion, she comes across sounding dumber than Megan Fox.

Ok. Rant over. Now for the crucifixion from all the K-Stew lovers out there.

photos courtesy of The Insider