Monday, July 19, 2010

an intelligent shade of blonde?

Bardot bombshell trying to make it big in the US, Miss Sophie Monk is displaying all the clear signs of a girl whose just been dumped. Dying her hair what I like to call 'an intelligent shade of blonde', the lovely Sophie had been in quite a serious relationship with plastic surgeon John Diaz, when she was involved in a car accident a few months back, and things just unravelled from there.

The average woman apparently changes her hairstyle 104 times in a lifetime and I must say, I think the change has done her the world of good. She looks better than she has in years, with that 'porno blonde look' being so 5 years ago (are you listening Paris Hilton?). Now if someone could just throw the girl a cheeseburger and a smile, she'll do just fine.

Perhaps now she'll cease being typecast in all those cheesy bimbo roles she seems to be getting. This is one girl I'd like to see really make something of herself.