Thursday, May 13, 2010

Botox - Something to frown about?

Ok, I'm about to break the code of the sisterhood here, but I admit, I use Botox. You may be shocked by this admission, but all is not smooth sailing (pardon the pun) & I felt obliged to share my experience with you.

I started off by using it between my eyebrows, so I couldnt really frown so hard. I highly recommend this procedure as it softens the whole face (and I'll definately do it again) but I took it a lot further than that.

Chatting to the nurse a few months later, I discussed my desire for a brow lift. I'd heard that Botox was a temporary solution, and rather than being so drastic and going under the knife, I happily offered myself as a pincushion :) The result was ... ok. At first I felt a little like Doctor Spok, but as it wore off, it made me feel refreshed and the severity softened.

My eyebrows went back to normal within months, and I felt the space between my eyes didnt really need it straight away, so I waited almost another year before having the procedure again.
This time around was a different story. Admittedly, I saw a different nurse this time around (which was silly, because the lady I usually go to is fantastic, and I'll recommend her to anyone with confidence) and was talked into getting a little under my eyes, and having the brow lifted again too.

Within 3 days, I noticed one of my eyes felt almost paralysed. Not the actual eyeball as such, but my eyelid felt it wouldnt open all the way. I also started to notice that I was extremely sensitive to sunlight, and my vision started to go a little foggy. Scary stuff.

After much panic, I googled my symptoms, discovering this wasnt an uncommon reaction. Apparently Botox can spread away from the injection site. I just had to wait it out, which in my case was about 2 weeks. Not cool. A lot of things can happen in 2 weeks. Like driving a car for instance, or trying to sit outside at a cafe reading the menu, or anything that involves sight really. Like I said, not cool.

On a side note, I didnt really like the way my eyes looked after all the Botox anyway. When I laughed, my eyes didnt crinkle up in joy. They just looked like two hollow pools that didnt match my face. And lets admit, droopy eye just aint sexy!

So ladies, Botox isnt necessarily the miracle cure for everything. I've come to realise that sometimes its okay to look your age and have laugh lines. After all, I'd like to be able to see what I'm laughing at!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Liberty's lovin the lipstick!

Call it an 80's flashback, but lipstick seem to be 'in' again. Everywhere I look, pouty lips stained in fire engine hues - its like Im trapped in a Robert Palmer video clip.

Being one to never venture far from gloss, I decided to jump on the bandwagon & give it a try. In my mind it had to be the perfect shade of red, something to flatter my skintone, not make me look like Crusty the Clown. It also had to keep my lips moist, nothing worse than seeing a girl with cracked lipstick flaking off (which seems to go hand in hand with red lipstick for some reason).

Not prepared to invest too much until I was fully committed to the look, I trotted off to Priceline to find the 'look for less'. Cautiously, I wandered up and down the aisles, until I came across the L'oreal Colour Riche lipsticks - lipstick that has a moisture strip running through the middle of it.

Looking at the display, 90's Supermodel Linda Evangelista seems to think the shade 'True Red' is good enough to adorn her smacker, so if thats the case, its good enough for moi. And I'm happy to say, its a great colour! A little intimidating at first to suddenly be making my lips the focus of my face, but I got so many compliments, I just had to pass on my recommendation. True Red seems to be a shade that suits everyone & is long lasting. Perfect!

A few small hints when applying such a daring shade however.

* Make sure you rub a little foundation over your lips first, giving the colour something to grab on to.

* Use a lighter shade of lip liner to tone down the intensity of the red - this is just personal preference but I think after experimenting, you'll agree.

* Never ever ever add gloss, unless you're going to a 'Trashy Vegas Hooker' party. It's just tacky.

Enjoy this trend while it lasts ladies!

Photos courtesy of, Unique Wedding Ideas & L'oreal.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crowning Glory?

Many of you may remember my fine & wispy blonde do, back on my short stint on that television show 'that shall remain nameless'.

I'd spend my days teasing, layering, even pinning my hair up in a side pony, all to give the illusion of thicker tresses, but who was I kidding? In a nutshell, it was a big FAILURE!

After what I like to call 'my escape from Alcatraz' (that house certainly felt like a prison somedays), I had the fortune of discovering hair extensions, and after much research, Hair Extensions International (or HEI, as they're known by by those 'in the know').

You've heard all the horror stories about hair extensions - metal clips that rip your hair out, synthetic hair that burns with one look at a GHD, badly matched colours, but HEI put my mind to rest.

You see, they use something called 'Fusion Technology' - where they apply resin (not glue) to bond the hair to your own. This means, that when it comes time to take them out, they just rub a little acetone over the bond and voila! The extension slips right off! With no damage to your own hair!

The hair also comes in packaged shades and aren't pre-bonded. Meaning, you can order a few different colours and have each individual extension mixed up of the those shades - Great for matching the extension to your hair's own natural colour. In my case, I use a mix of light and caramel blondes with a dark brown, so it all looks very natural. Success!

So now my little secret is out, I've become a hair extension addict. I honestly dont think I could ever be without them! Admittedly, I once had them taken out for 24 hours and cried like a baby because I felt like 'less of a woman'!!! Tres' embarrassing, but any girl reading this with extensions will be feeling my pain :)

If you want some of your own luscious locks, then give HEI a call! And make sure you tell them I referred you!

Hair Extensions International - ph toll free: 1300 555 401

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Frocks & Shocks, oh how I love the Logies!

Sigh. Im coming back in my next life as former Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins. Did anyone else spot her red carpet look at last nights Logies? With Barbie doll like pins to die for - she positively glowed in her simple 60's inspired Toni Maticevski shift dress. Absolutely breathtaking, however I must note - while she was my favourite of the evening, Im not entirely sure mini dresses are appropriate for the event. Perhaps she was a little confused with the upcoming fashion week? In my opinion, If it were floor length and backless, it may have been more suitable for the black tie dress code.

Same goes for Claudia Karvan. Fashion forward and edgy, but more suited to sitting front row at the Ready-to-Wear shows, rather than an old-school celebration like the Logies. Bert Newton's big old eyes must have bugged out of his huge head spotting her nipple slip! Then again, there's always 'one' at every event (are you listening Tara Reid?).

Now I may be crucified for this, but a word of advice to Nat Bassingthwaite. Heavily pregnant and complaining of being tired - I wouldnt have suggested such a severe hairstyle or dark smokey eye - it just made her look even more exhausted. As for the J'Aton gown she wore, the colour all wrong and totally washed her out. Perhaps something that complimented her complexion would have been better? J'Aton seem to get it right when dressing pregnant Dannii Minogue on countless occasions, where was the love for Nat? With the economy the way it is, perhaps Channel 10 have trotted out Gretel Killeen's old stylist to help the poor lamb. Heaven forbid.

Special mentions must go to Margot Robbie of Neighbours - this hot little tomale just sizzles in a gleaming white two piece with crystal embellished shoulder, and the lovely Esther Anderson of Home and Away, absolutely radiant in an elegant grecian inspired apricot number. Two thumbs up ladies!

Photo credits : Natalie Bassingthwaite & Jennifer Hawkins - Chris Scott
Claudia Karvan - Julie Kiriacoudis
Ester Anderson - Fiona Hamilton

No Go Bianco

There's no doubt Chapel Street regulars are super excited to see the new Tony Bianco flagship store opens its doors.

With its glossy counters, long lean fit-out, new season range and celebrity endorsement, it seems like a dream come true for the shoe fanatic.

However all is not so rosy instore, after hearing at least 3 potential customers express their disappointment at being turned away from making a layby - as the company simply dont offer the feature.

In today's economy you'd think turning away sales would be bad for business, but apparently not-so in Bianco's world.

Perhaps thats why Jodi Gordon is the face of the brand - you need access to a media tycoon's credit card to be welcome to shop there.

Not happy Mr Bianco, not happy at all.