Monday, November 16, 2009

My how she's grown?

Did anyone catch litttle lady Dakota Fanning promoting the Twilight sequel 'New Moon' on Ellen today? I gotta hand it to her, the girls got taste as she rocked out in her Balmain 09 statement MJ inspired jacket and new season Chanel Jade nailpolish.

Dare I say we have a little style icon in the making? Check out the interview here ...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Unseen TV @ the 2009 Emirates Melbourne Cup

Big love to Unseen TV for opportunity to film this segment at the 2009 Emirates Melbourne Cup!

go to this link to check out the footage ...

Why 'what to wear on piste' doesn't mean your attire after a few cocktails!

For someone who had never been to the snow before, let alone paid attention to snow-fashion, you can imagine my panic earlier this year, when faced with a ski wear sale, only moments after being surprised with a trip to Hotham.

Now, for those who need to play catch-up, I'm the sort of girl who will catch a cab home if I dont feel happy in my threads. I have been known to leave the odd surprise birthday to get changed, hey - 'its my party and I'll cry if I want to', as they say. Boo hoo, anyway - back to my dilemma.

Does one go candy coloured and cutesy? Or stick with the Melbourne Fashionista fail-safe of black, while on piste? Thank heavens for 2009 technology, as I readily tapped into my iPhone, googling pics of Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham on the slopes.

After much investigation, black seemed to be the way to go - a better investment for fashion longevity at least.

Now, if I can just arrange for some Chanel ski's, I'm set!

photo of Victoria Beckham looking fabulous - courtesy of
photo of Kate Moss looking uber sexual - courtesty of

A little birdy told me ....

So anyone strolling past their local Gripp Jeans Store would have noticed a very glamorous change to their stock, and according to my sources (I'll never tell...) its all thanks to their new designer - who just happened to be poached from Bettina Liano!

I thought their new season looked familiar - find Pagoda statement shoulders, cut out dresses, silk harem pants and the most devine Chloe inspired sheer blouses to drool over.

Unfortunately their price point has also gone up to that of BL. I guess some things just cant stay the same.
Gripp - pieces to love, your Visa card however will not.