Saturday, June 27, 2009

Masterchef Spoiler! Dont click here if you dont want to know!

Its time to go .....

A certain Masterchef certainly isnt trying to hide his departure from the show, after being seen enjoying the free alcohol Melbourne bar 'La Di Da' had to offer last night. It seems fame has gone to his head a little, as punters were overheard discussing his uncool rockstar attitude.

Dont click here if you dont want to know who it is!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ex BFF's Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie are at it again!

Insiders are aware that Miss Lindsay and Nicole Richie are no longer BFF's - and its no thanks to arch frenemy, Paris Hilton. A few months after baby Harlow was born, Nicole's fiance Joel Madden was DJing at a local club, apparently getting cozy with Li-Lo, while Nic was left at home holding the baby. Miss Hilton witnessed this and was suddenly super keen to drop her old mate Nicole a text message, stating, 'Lindsay was all over Joel, he was so zeroed in on Lindsay, he never heard his cell ring', which of course infuriated young Nic.

Fast forward almost a year later - and we all know that Linds has been desperate to get things back on track with her lady-love, DJ Samantha Ronson. Poor bunny has been showing up at every event on Sam's social calendar, in the hopes of reigniting their romance - and for a while it looked like her plan had worked. Only now Nicole is hanging with Samantha, inviting her to every Hollywood shin-dig known to man, with the only pre-requisite that she dont bring her flame haired lover along. Poor Fire-Crotch has been kicked to the curb and she's not happy about it. Get ready for a true Hollywood-style meltdown!

One day she's wearing an engagement ring, the next she's being dumped and an AVO taken out against her. Whats next in the soap opera that is Lindsay Lohan? Stay tuned folks!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

So this is what Mischa has been up to!

So this is what Mischa Barton has been up to of late, apart from wearing what looked like a disgusting dead bird on her head a few months back. This wannabe fashionista has just launched her new line of handbags, and as you can see, she has channelled her inner 'Marianne Faithful' look for the shoot.

The collection, which can be found on is full of rich tapestry prints, snakeskin, studded leather details and bohemian styled fringing. My favourite? The Lyla clutch in purple ... check it out ...

On a side note, a little birdie (and no, not the one last seen on her head) told me that Miss Barton is starring in a new television series yet to hit our shores, named 'The Beautiful Life' - produced by Ashton Kutcher no less. (and who said hooking up with a well connected cougar didnt work out for him?) The often style challenged starlet plays supermodel Sonja Stone.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Patsy & Eddie! Please save Lacroix!

It's a sad, sad moment for all lovers of fine couture! Beloved designer to the stars, Mr Christian Lacroix has apparently filed for bankruptcy! Some call it the end of an era, however those in this know have seen this coming for some time. According to the Wall Street Journal, Lacroix posted a loss of over $14 million in the last financial year!

Is another piece of fashion history leaving us? Not if a buyer steps in and saves the day! Patsy and Eddie - where are you now?

On an interesting note, US label Mike & Chris - who are most well known for their fabulous take on the leather bomber jacket, are also apparently doing it tough in this economic climate.

Sad times indeed.

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