Monday, August 3, 2009

Go Bananas over 'The Zoe Report'

When checking my email this morning I wondered if my birthday had come early this year?

No, (its 1st Sept however, for those of you who wish to forward on gifts, lol) it was just a welcome email from, advising that her daily email 'The Zoe Report' was coming my way!

Buzzing with excitement, I see she'll be chatting about her current obsessions and various sample sales, although I worry her 'style' will become mainstream with the amount of fans I expect will be reading this. You can kiss goodbye to those days when your favourite vintage clothing store was well stocked, with every 12 year old Supre shopper discovering it first. (and please, no offence to Supre, I do love your store)

However it is my job to spread the fashion love, so sign up now!

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