Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why 'what to wear on piste' doesn't mean your attire after a few cocktails!

For someone who had never been to the snow before, let alone paid attention to snow-fashion, you can imagine my panic earlier this year, when faced with a ski wear sale, only moments after being surprised with a trip to Hotham.

Now, for those who need to play catch-up, I'm the sort of girl who will catch a cab home if I dont feel happy in my threads. I have been known to leave the odd surprise birthday to get changed, hey - 'its my party and I'll cry if I want to', as they say. Boo hoo, anyway - back to my dilemma.

Does one go candy coloured and cutesy? Or stick with the Melbourne Fashionista fail-safe of black, while on piste? Thank heavens for 2009 technology, as I readily tapped into my iPhone, googling pics of Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham on the slopes.

After much investigation, black seemed to be the way to go - a better investment for fashion longevity at least.

Now, if I can just arrange for some Chanel ski's, I'm set!

photo of Victoria Beckham looking fabulous - courtesy of
photo of Kate Moss looking uber sexual - courtesty of

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