Thursday, January 27, 2011

In the spirit of the Sartorialist...

I had one of those moments on the way home from the gym this morning. You know, the kind where you see someone wearing something fabulous, and you wish you could ask them where they got it from?

Well in the spirit of the Sartorialist, I not only stopped her, but took a quick happy snap, and thankfully she didnt run away screaming, thinking I was some kind of weirdo.

This is Alex of Prahran, looking super adorable in her Sass & Bide bodysuit, MinkPink leather shorts, black ponyskin bag and combat boots.

Combined with her Balayaged hair and carefree attitude, she's the essence of all things Chapel Street. A mix of high end and high street, she looks great, dont you think?

excuse the quality of the pic, my Iphone 4 did its best!


  1. Amazing look! Lovely blog!


  2. Love love love this outfit, I have a feeling the leather look will be everywhere this winter :)

  3. she looks amazing! the outfit really complements her bedhead hair and the leather shorts look really good too:)

  4. I love your outfit, you look gorgeous!
    XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
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