Monday, June 15, 2009

So this is what Mischa has been up to!

So this is what Mischa Barton has been up to of late, apart from wearing what looked like a disgusting dead bird on her head a few months back. This wannabe fashionista has just launched her new line of handbags, and as you can see, she has channelled her inner 'Marianne Faithful' look for the shoot.

The collection, which can be found on is full of rich tapestry prints, snakeskin, studded leather details and bohemian styled fringing. My favourite? The Lyla clutch in purple ... check it out ...

On a side note, a little birdie (and no, not the one last seen on her head) told me that Miss Barton is starring in a new television series yet to hit our shores, named 'The Beautiful Life' - produced by Ashton Kutcher no less. (and who said hooking up with a well connected cougar didnt work out for him?) The often style challenged starlet plays supermodel Sonja Stone.

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