Thursday, February 11, 2010

Au Naturale?

Im not sure if this is a sign of the times, but Ive noticed a lot of girls rocking a more natural look of late. Im talking natural coloured hair (and in some cases obvious regrowth, think stylist Pip Edwards) and thicker eyebrows, a-la Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo of 'The City' fame.

Fashionistas are embracing this look with full force and I tend to wonder if there is a link somehow, to the Global Financial Crisis? Its much easier to maintain a low fuss look, skipping a few hairdressing and wax appointments - all in the name of style, when its hurting the budget much less.

Take myself for example - I've managed to avoid a colourist for the last 5 months - although somehow I use this as an excuse to buy more clothing! Ahh well, ce la vie!


  1. Natural is so much more classy, though.
    Maybe that's what these women have realised- that being bleach blonde, fake tanned etc is not the way to go.

    But looking natural can also be alot of work. That 'regrowth' pip sports is actually balayage, which involves 'sweeping' colour into the hair rather than doing it in the traditional foil way.
    And because most girls have ruined their brows through over-plucking alot of the thickness is due to pencilling them in or using things like benefit's wax to give a more feathered and hence overall natural look.