Monday, February 15, 2010

When less is more - aka. Why I love Lara!

oh Lara. I love you. I want us to be BFF's and go shopping together and giggle over lattes in some beatnik little Bondi cafe. When I heard you were sporting fake Chanel tattoos on your chest I admittedly was a little concerned, but when checking out the pics from last nights 'Allan Border Medal', I have to say, I was eating my words.

Draped in a Michelle Jank gown, this girl definately knows how to 'do classy'. In a world full of WAG's who seem to think that dressing like a hooker-showgirl is the way to go, Lara, is the breath of fresh air we are all screaming for!

If the rumours are true, Miss Bingle is looking to eventually launch her own clothing line, a-la Kate Moss for Topshop - and if her fashion forward ways are any indication, it will be a clear success!

On a side note, is it just me, or do those tattoos remind anyone of Nicole Richie's rosary tattoo? Adorable!

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  1. Oooh! I would have to disagree with you there Susie - sorry! A stylish outfit or good general fashion sense, does not give someone the right to be a fashion designer overnight. I refuse to wear an outfit that was made by someone who doesn't have design qualifications! Just because someone is a model or an actress or a singer, it shouldn't them the right to shortcut their way in there and bypass all the people who work hard to get there! I have always hated how stars put their names to fashion lines when they clearly don't know how to design or sew. Using their celebrity like that is clearly selling out!!!! Paris Hilton has "written" books, "designed clothes" and perfumes, "sung" on albums and "acted" in films, but if she wasn't a famous heiress to begin with, I wonder would she have been able to accomplish any of these things by her own merit? Likewise, I don't give much credence to someone like Lara, who has done nothing more than said "where the bloody hell are you" and dated a cricketer to ensure her 15 minutes of fame aren't up! Sorry to disagree babe!

  2. I love the look....the tattoos are really interesting. I saw them on the runway and was like whoa...haven't seen that before. She most certainly is elegant and chic while staying simply and classy. wonderful post & nice blog. i hope you'll check mine out and follow if you like :)

  3. Lovely blog girl!

    xx fesi-fashion

  4. Where did you hear about LB wants to design a brand.. I've heard a few quotes here and there and about the supre idea.. But thats all .