Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keeping Up with Kim ...

Anyone whose been following me on twitter knows that I've gone Kardashian Krazy! After hearing she would be making an appearance at a local Optus store (she's here to promote a new phone for Optus), I kinda went a little loopy.

My boss felt so sorry for me, she even let me wander up Chapel, after local police mentioned they were showing their 'presence' as she was shopping up the road. But alas, my efforts were to no avail - I experienced exactly ZERO Kardashian sightings - Even after leaving my phone number with the girls at Zimmermann, just in case Kimbo popped in for a spot of bikini shopping.
However - she did show a little love on the news.com site - answering questions live!

Of course there were the regular freaks proposing marriage and girls asking her about plastic surgery (which amusingly she denied - one blogger even stated 'Losing weight doesnt change the shape of your nose') however all I wanted to know about was her makeup. As it so happens, her favourite lip gloss is by Lip Fusion, and as for nailpolish - it’s 'My Private Jet' or 'Linkin Park after Dark' (go Kim, my favourite!)

As for foundation - she wears Georgio Armani and MakeUpForever.
If anyone out there can tell me what highlighter Miss Kardashian uses on her cheeks, I'll be forever in your debt! Although there have been suggestions that it isnt highlighter, but cheek implants that are making her look so chiselled. hmm.
Ahh well. K-Dash, I love you anyway!

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