Friday, October 15, 2010

Can leggings be considered pants?

Can leggings be considered pants?

Ok, I admit it, I’m one of those girls who considers leggings to be pants. In my defence, if I’m spending close to $300 on a pair of (enter ridiculously expensive designer leggings here), then damn it, I’m wearing them!

My partner however, has different ideas. For he has seen too many near-sheer leggings strutting down Chapel Street, fluoro Mickey Mouse G-string on show in certain shades of sunlight. Rolling his eyes & groaning, he’s even got the most unpleasant term for plus sized girls who dare bare those wet look leggings. “A baby whale trapped in an oil slick” – this is about the time I switch off, cringing at his political incorrectness**.

Me however, I wear my leggings with pride. Studded, panels, leather, zippered, you name it, i love it all and if worn right, leggings are a perfect alternative to jeans or pants. However, there are a couple of simple rules to live by.

1. If you aren’t comfortable exposing your behind in a swimsuit, then perhaps its best to wear a long tee, cardi or blazer to hide this trouble spot.

2. For the love of God, please check your leggings aren’t see-through! Hold them up to the light if you’re unsure.

Check out some of my favourite legging looks above!

** Apologies go out to anyone offended by my boyfriend. What does he know about fashion anyway?

Photos courtesy of Sass & Bide


  1. I'm sorry, but leggings are NOT pants. They're THICK tights/stockings. The only place leggings/tights/stockings should replace pants is in a ballet, musical or theatrical show or at the gym if they're a sports legging.

    No one likes to see a camel toe, regardless of one's weight or what happens to be in "fashion". It's a faux-pas to show of one's bum when not at the beach/beside the pool, but a flash of your cha-cha outline? Well, that's just vomit inducing and definitely not fasionable.

    Wear pants where pants are needed and save leggings/tights/stockings for underneath DRESSES/SKIRTS - and NO; a long t-shirt is NOT classed as a DRESS - it is a t-shirt w an extra inch or two of fabric & requires to be paired with pants, jeans, shorts or a skirt.

    Leggings are NOT pants and never will be.

  2. I think it depends on the wearer, tights can be the hottest thing ever, or the nastiest look around.

    It depends on the butt and legs in the tights.

    Fashion is all about dressing to accentuate your good parts. I am not the skinniest man in the world, so I'm not going to wear a skin tight t-shirt. Same goes for the tights ladies!

    Susie, $300 is too much for tights!

  3. they are ok, except you have to be thin to wear them!