Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the winner of Australia's Next Top Model is?

Aussie viewers are still reeling in shock at the utter 'balls up' of last nights ANTM finale, when the ever gracious Sarah Murdoch announced the winner, only to recant as the young model was giving her thankyou speech.

This isnt the first time voting systems have failed the viewing public. I myself was voted out of Big Brother using a phone/text system, with the terms and conditions clearly stating that any text votes with housemates names being mispelt would be rendered invalid, only to discover upon my exit that on the official BB website they were spelling my name 2 different ways (depending on which page you clicked on).

And lets not forget the infamous Bree Amer disaster. Being voted out of the house, only to return a week later due to a miscount.

So who is responsible for these sorts of mishaps? All I know is that someone at ANTM is probably getting their marching orders today.

Footage courtesy of FOX 8 & Youtube


  1. Whatever the vote count; YOU should have WON Big Brother. Just sayin'

  2. I never realised that about your votes! Really, how hard can it be?

  3. It's a shame these mistakes keep happening.