Thursday, December 16, 2010

Call me patriotic ....

Going through my wardrobe the other day, I noticed a little mini-trend occuring. Stars and Stripes, the Union Jack, you name it - flags and emblems are popping up everywhere! Even furniture brand Domayne have featured them in their 2011 catalogue!

And without being aware of it, I too have fallen for this look!

It all started with this super hot 'straight out of the 80's' vintage jumper I scored at the Camberwell Markets a few months back. A slightly unhinged lady with a bright pink wig and crazy tutu sold it to me, discounting the price from $75 down to $20 after I scared off a nasty pest who was harrassing women as they shopped. Yes, Liberty Harlow to the rescue! Forget the fashion police, the real-deal cops were almost called, so with a story like that, this jumper has a cool history ... along with some fierce shoulder pads!

Next up is my 'Twinkie Goes to Town' singlet by Sass & Bide. The last one left at the Sass & Bide warehouse sale, I had to stalk a girl around Collingwood Town Hall for a good 20 minutes, waiting for her to discard it, and it was definately worth the hunt. Yes, its too big for me, but I make it work by tying a knot in the back.

And then there is my new Union Jack bodysuit from my new favourite store on Chapel, Bronzesnake.

Another purchase that was made and snuck into the house. When I pull this one out of the wardrobe in a few days time, it will be to the tune of 'This old thing? I've had it for aaaaaages!'

Unless of course 'he' reads this, in which case I'll deny everything!

Apologies for the crappy iPhone pics ... but this blog couldn't wait!

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