Monday, December 6, 2010

longing for lashes

Devestated after hearing my favourite show, 'The City' had been cancelled, I had a little re-run marathon party last week. It's funny watching a program the 2nd time around, you become obsessed over the smallest things.

Firstly, I love Whitney Port. As a fellow blonde with brown eyes, I often use her for style inspiration. And dont even get me started on her arch-nemisis Olivia Palermo. Does she ever put a perfectly manicured fashion foot wrong? From her Birkin to her Balenciaga, I have to contain a little squeal every time she appears onscreen.

But fashion aside, its her peepers that have caught my attention. Those big bambi lashes of hers are breathtaking, and when I found out she does her own eye makeup, I couldn't believe it! Even more exciting is the thought I could re-create this look at home, after sourcing an interview from US Glamour Magazine where she swears by Revlon Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear eyelashes.

Now, I consider myself a connoisseur when it comes to false lashes for a big night out on the town, but I'm not a fan of messy glue that I always seem to get on the carpet, or worse, my robe. With that thought in mind, I was pleasantly surprised to find these lashes are self adhesive. Like little stick on nails for your eyes, they were easy to apply and held fast all night!

I think I've just found my new favourite beauty product!

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes $10, from Kmart, Target and leading pharmacies.

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  1. Owwww I def will try these out, I always think about false lashed but havenever matered the art of the glue, and it smells rank!

  2. I have never tried false eyelashes. I may have to give these a try.

  3. omg i need these badly. i cant put of fake eyelashes but i gotta try these ones out!