Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blake Lively sizzles for Chanel Mademoiselle

Photographed by living fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld, Miss Gossip girl herself - Blake Lively looks absolutely breathtaking as the new muse for Chanel.

However after last weeks little stunt pre-fashion week (Blake refused to appear at the show, claiming she thought it was tacky that celebrities attended these events), critics are slamming the shoot, stating she isnt a 'Chanel girl' and her look is too commercial.

Check out the full campaign and accompanying film for the Mademoiselle bag line here, plus some behind-the-scenes takes. Form your own opinion, but I think as far as a US Chanel model goes, Blake has the IT factor.

Enjoy x


  1. The top photo doesn't do it for me but I like the second and third. I think her look is okay for Chanel but if she doesn't care about fashion to the point that she would refuse to go to Fashion Week (WTF?) I think they made the wrong decision to use her for their campaign.

  2. Im sorry .. I hate her.. I hate Blake.. there I've said it ..

  3. Love Liberty Harlow tho ' .. I just can't stand her and her semi pouty lips and always unwashed looking hair..

  4. haha! that is such a great blog name! i'm going to have to use that phrase in the future..

    p.s. Blake confronted the reporter who fabricated that story about not attending cuz she thought tacky... she was pissed about that.. she couldn't make it because she was filming...I like the girl, she's not flat out the most 'pretty' but she's def got an attraction that not many people have..

  5. I definitely think celebrities sitting front row at fashion show just because they are a celebrity IS kinda tacky - those seats should be saved for people in the fashion industry, who are fully trained, and NOT for people who use their fame as a jumping off point to get what and where they want. Those are the types who will go to the 'opening of an envelope' just to be 'seen'. On the other hand, if Blake is TRULY an ambassador (and not just the model) for a high end label, she really should be fulfilling her duties CORRECTLY as an ambassador by attending the relevant events. These people get huge amounts of pay for doing so very little, so it is only fair :)

  6. I adore Blake :) & I think the campaign is amazing :)
    (we can be followers if you want ;) )