Monday, April 13, 2009

Dreaming of Dark Digits

so i know im 12 months late but im totally obsessing over dark nailpolish. I'd say black, but to be honest i prefer when the look isnt a flat black, more of a deep grape or rouge noir reflect for the first 2 layers, then turns to black. i think chanel started the trend with vamp, but it never took off as much as it did last season, with starlets like lindsay and mischa sporting dark digits. This look doesnt work north of Sydney however - I guess thats what I love about Melbourne. You can sport an all black look and not be considered emo.

my pick? OPI in Lincoln Park After Dark. discovered after admiring the nails of a fellow coffee drinker at a cafe on Chapel St. She was even so kind as to pull some out of her handbag and let me try it on. Bless.