Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe reunion. There is a God.

So anyone worth their Jimmy Choo's will have been aware of the rift between these 2 papparazi loving fashionistas. With one posting vicious suggestions on her myspace about a rumoured eating disorder - clearly the twosome have kissed and made up.

Thank the Lord, because I just love this pair, in fact sometimes I cant tell them apart.
Unlike Mischa Barton, who fell off the style wagon once she dropped Zoe as her stylist, Nicole just got better and better. Note to Mischa, pick up that phone immediately and call Miss RZ. She's there to help you. She cares. God, please do something, cos I cant stand looking at you right now.

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  1. Your header is my collage i made myself which i had on my myspace!!