Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Go Bianco

There's no doubt Chapel Street regulars are super excited to see the new Tony Bianco flagship store opens its doors.

With its glossy counters, long lean fit-out, new season range and celebrity endorsement, it seems like a dream come true for the shoe fanatic.

However all is not so rosy instore, after hearing at least 3 potential customers express their disappointment at being turned away from making a layby - as the company simply dont offer the feature.

In today's economy you'd think turning away sales would be bad for business, but apparently not-so in Bianco's world.

Perhaps thats why Jodi Gordon is the face of the brand - you need access to a media tycoon's credit card to be welcome to shop there.

Not happy Mr Bianco, not happy at all.


  1. No Lay-by! OMG they obviously don't care about their customers. How rude of them.

  2. Ha ha layby that is so 1990! It costs stores money to store this product and if a customer doesn't pick it up you'll have an item that is 6 month's old that you potentially can't put back on the shelf. It's actually a lot of risk to take on. Big stores like Target and Myer can afford this more but even they hate it. I"m surprised this is offered anywhere anymore isn't that what credit cards are for?

  3. Layby is an essential service that customers should be given access to. I remember the good old days when mum bought us a heap of clothing at Target and paid it off as she could afford it, credit cards never ventured out of her wallet for everyday items. Retailers should realise that lack of layby is contributing largely to credit card debt especially in teens and females in their early twenties. I say bring back Layby, if you set it up properly as our store has you dont lose money on it, it actually helps sell a lot of stock and we secure sales that otherwise would have walked out the door...

  4. ooh, I agree with all of those comments. I recently opened a retail store and didn't really have a set policy about Layby until a customer requested it, of course being a new business I will do everything I can to help my customers, but I was surprised by the request and did have the thought "isn't that what credit cards are for" although I kept this to myself. I get heaps of laybys now and luckily they are usually picked up within the next two weeks- most people are only waiting for payday or else they don't want their partner to see it on the credit card statement.....a sale is a sale I say!! Great blog by the way.