Thursday, May 13, 2010

Botox - Something to frown about?

Ok, I'm about to break the code of the sisterhood here, but I admit, I use Botox. You may be shocked by this admission, but all is not smooth sailing (pardon the pun) & I felt obliged to share my experience with you.

I started off by using it between my eyebrows, so I couldnt really frown so hard. I highly recommend this procedure as it softens the whole face (and I'll definately do it again) but I took it a lot further than that.

Chatting to the nurse a few months later, I discussed my desire for a brow lift. I'd heard that Botox was a temporary solution, and rather than being so drastic and going under the knife, I happily offered myself as a pincushion :) The result was ... ok. At first I felt a little like Doctor Spok, but as it wore off, it made me feel refreshed and the severity softened.

My eyebrows went back to normal within months, and I felt the space between my eyes didnt really need it straight away, so I waited almost another year before having the procedure again.
This time around was a different story. Admittedly, I saw a different nurse this time around (which was silly, because the lady I usually go to is fantastic, and I'll recommend her to anyone with confidence) and was talked into getting a little under my eyes, and having the brow lifted again too.

Within 3 days, I noticed one of my eyes felt almost paralysed. Not the actual eyeball as such, but my eyelid felt it wouldnt open all the way. I also started to notice that I was extremely sensitive to sunlight, and my vision started to go a little foggy. Scary stuff.

After much panic, I googled my symptoms, discovering this wasnt an uncommon reaction. Apparently Botox can spread away from the injection site. I just had to wait it out, which in my case was about 2 weeks. Not cool. A lot of things can happen in 2 weeks. Like driving a car for instance, or trying to sit outside at a cafe reading the menu, or anything that involves sight really. Like I said, not cool.

On a side note, I didnt really like the way my eyes looked after all the Botox anyway. When I laughed, my eyes didnt crinkle up in joy. They just looked like two hollow pools that didnt match my face. And lets admit, droopy eye just aint sexy!

So ladies, Botox isnt necessarily the miracle cure for everything. I've come to realise that sometimes its okay to look your age and have laugh lines. After all, I'd like to be able to see what I'm laughing at!


  1. Agreed!! The celebrities you see that have their face full of botox look just as wierd as the ones who have had plastic surgery. I'm all for aging gracefully but at the same time if you are considering having cosmetic it gradually!

  2. Great to hear your story with honesty! When I went to 'try' botox for the first time I went and saw a very well known cosmetic surgeon. He advised to NEVER have it under the eye, or in fact below the corner of your outer eye for the reason you said above. His rule of thumb? corner of the eyes and above.

    Sorry you had to go through that :-(


  3. Hey honey, I get mine in my frown lines, as that's where I have the deepest creases. Otherwise, after hearing your tale of woe, I think for now I am staying away from the delicate eye area. Kudos to you for giving it a shot though (no pun intended) - it's always good to try things out. Hope all is back to normal for you now babe x

  4. Oh how interesting!
    I love when people blog about things like this.
    I wanted for so long to get my lips done, but now I am in two minds about it.


  5. hey! i just foun you in an old Grazia, and love love love the name of your blog, looking forward to reading it :)

  6. Love this post about botox, although needles do make me want to vom. Paralysis of the eyeball- maybe not a look I'd like to be sporting any time soon! I'm sure you are just luffly the way you are girl x

  7. Great honest!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  8. I love your honesty about botox.
    Agreed, eyes that are functional are so important. Plus usually, we're our own harsh critic, feeling great is what's most important.