Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crowning Glory?

Many of you may remember my fine & wispy blonde do, back on my short stint on that television show 'that shall remain nameless'.

I'd spend my days teasing, layering, even pinning my hair up in a side pony, all to give the illusion of thicker tresses, but who was I kidding? In a nutshell, it was a big FAILURE!

After what I like to call 'my escape from Alcatraz' (that house certainly felt like a prison somedays), I had the fortune of discovering hair extensions, and after much research, Hair Extensions International (or HEI, as they're known by by those 'in the know').

You've heard all the horror stories about hair extensions - metal clips that rip your hair out, synthetic hair that burns with one look at a GHD, badly matched colours, but HEI put my mind to rest.

You see, they use something called 'Fusion Technology' - where they apply resin (not glue) to bond the hair to your own. This means, that when it comes time to take them out, they just rub a little acetone over the bond and voila! The extension slips right off! With no damage to your own hair!

The hair also comes in packaged shades and aren't pre-bonded. Meaning, you can order a few different colours and have each individual extension mixed up of the those shades - Great for matching the extension to your hair's own natural colour. In my case, I use a mix of light and caramel blondes with a dark brown, so it all looks very natural. Success!

So now my little secret is out, I've become a hair extension addict. I honestly dont think I could ever be without them! Admittedly, I once had them taken out for 24 hours and cried like a baby because I felt like 'less of a woman'!!! Tres' embarrassing, but any girl reading this with extensions will be feeling my pain :)

If you want some of your own luscious locks, then give HEI a call! And make sure you tell them I referred you!

Hair Extensions International - ph toll free: 1300 555 401


  1. where does hei in melbourne>

  2. I go see the girls at Long 4 It Salon in Newport 9391 3801. Let them know Susannah referred you!

  3. I totally agree, I took mine out & felt naked, I didn leave the house & Cried until I got mine put back in. I felt so not myself. I love Fusion hair.... who ever invented it... needs a medel forsure...