Friday, September 3, 2010

Miss Lyndel Yeo's 5th Birthday @ MSFW 2010

One girl with her star on the rise is designer Miss Lyndel Yeo (MLY) - who in August 2005 was a finalist at the Mercedes Benz Start Up Parade, then going on to be awarded 'Designer of the year 2005’ for the Federation Square Fashion Showcase Series.

This week, along with Melbourne's fashion elite, the gorgeous designer celebrated her 5th birthday in style, by throwing a very exclusive event to launch her 2010 Spring Collection. The range is very tribal inspired, with flowing fabrics and edgy pieces, but dont hear it from me - you can check out all the footage here! Oh and I may make an appearance in there somewhere!

thanks to 4horseMEN for the footage xoxo


  1. awwww, i had an invite but wasn't able to get to her celebrations as i'm so busy with uni and wasn't able to sneak away from brisbane for it. jealousss! xx

  2. Real happy I came across your blog! I love a lot of the same things as you do (per your "about me" description). You have a great blog name and your post are so fun :)

  3. I love MLY! Thanks for posting the footage. I think you can see us in some of the shots! Come and check out my post on the night